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iTTi Gloss: Alignment

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 iTTi, Innovation & Technology Trends Institute Posted in iTTi Gloss

[Strategy-I/T] Alignment. “... business and I/T strategies should be linked or interdependent. Indeed, the operative word, linkage is used by many researchers to characterize an approach to I/T planning that responds to, as well as shapes, business strategies ...”


From Henderson & Venkatran. August 1989. MITSloan. “Strategic Alignment: a Framework for Startegic Information Technology Management.”


[Alignment] A state where the enablers of governance and management of enterprise IT support the goals and strategies of the enterprise.


From ISACA Glossary.



The IT strategic alignment with the business is a necessary condition for IT to fully serve the organization in synchrony and deliver all IT's potential, contributing to shaping the business. This means moving from a tactical role to a strategic one.


Re ISACA's definition, iTTi sees alignment not just as a 'state' but also as a 'process'.   



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