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iTTi Gloss: Enterpriser

Thursday, 20 March 2014 iTTi, Innovation & Technology Trends Institute Posted in iTTi Gloss

Definition of Enterpriser: Entrepreneur.  

Source Enterprise”. Merriam-Webster dictionary.  

Definition of Entrepreneur: a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money. One who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. 

Source: "Entrepreneur". Merriam-Webster dictionary. 


What is an enterpriser?

  • Enterprisers believe the point of technology is to deliver customer-focused solutions and real business results.

  • They are constantly working to balance conflicting needs: hard reality and innovative possibility, ease of use and effectiveness.

  • Enterprisers believe that IT decisions will ultimately drive the success or failure of their enterprise.

  • They believe collaborating with their peers moves their business forward.

  • They build vision. They question everything. They take responsibility.”  

Source: "The Enterprisers Project". 



The enterprise is ready to deliver more. More flexibility. More adaptability. More innovation. And today’s CIOs are helping unlock capabilities that will allow the enterprise to respond to business opportunities – and to create new ones. We call these CIOs "Enterprisers." And they are changing everything.” 

Source: "The Enterprisers Project". 


iTTi’s comment 

The CIO, as “The Enterprisers Project” proposes, would be natural champion of IT as drivers of innovation and boosting growth. But that implies counting on the rest of the organization, its objectives, strategy and policies. A sound starting approach would be to focus on the company’s governing body. If IT corporate governance is one of its explicit commitments then the technical capabilities provided by the IT will support the business capacities and outcomes, since the CIO's initiatives will be reinforced by organizational structures and investment in the company's portfolio. Top-down, you go from the company's objectives down to the IT objectives, which -when achieved- produce the company's objectives they are meant to serve.  


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