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iTTiGloss: Benefits Realization

Thursday, 13 February 2014 iTTi, Innovation & Technology Trends Institute Posted in iTTi Gloss

One of the objectives of governance. The bringing about of new benefits for the enterprise, the maintenance and extension of existing forms of benefits, and the elimination of those initiatives and assets that are not creating sufficient value.” Source: ISACA Glossary.


Benefits realization is a continuous process of envisioning results, implementing, checking intermediate results and dynamically adjusting the path leading from investments to business results. Benefits realization is a process that can and must be managed, just like any other business process.” Source: John Thorn. “The Information Paradox”, pag. 22. Fujitsu Consulting.


The Principles of Realizing Benefits from IT:

  • IT has no inherent value.

  • Benefits arise when IT enables people do things differently.

  • Only business managers and users can release business benefits.

  • All IT projects have outcomes but not all outcomes are benefits.

  • Benefits must be actively managed for.“

Source: Joe Peppard, John Ward, Elizabeth Daniel. Managing the Realization of Business Benefits from IT Investments. 



Benefits Realization of investments in business added value projects with a core IT component is THE key goal. Its processes should encompass all project-live activities, form cradle to tomb. These should include or take for granted proper risk management.


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