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iTTiGloss: CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Are you evolving to become a SEO (Strategy Execution Officer)?

Check it out: CIO 

iTTiGloss: Benefits Realization

Realize the importance of  Benefits Realization 

Check it out

iTTi Gloss: Digitization

Evolution of concept: from the data format to the data users.


Check it out: Digitization

iTTi Gloss: Dark Data

The issue of Dark Data (DD) -or perhaps better “Data in the Darkness”- is really important, is getting increasing attention.

Check it out: Dark Data


iTTi Gloss: Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture as Strategy? Can Enterprise Architecture help creating business value? 

Check it out: Enterprise Architecture 

iTTi Gloss: Adware

Nuisance or just malware? What danger does it hide?  

Check it out: Adware

iTTi Gloss: Alignment

Alignement and / or sync? State or process?

Check it out: Alignment

iTTi Gloss: Big Data

Where do so many data come from? What can we do with them?

Check it out: Big Data

iTTi Gloss: Accountability

New concept in the iTTi Gloss !

Check it out: Accountability 

iTTi Gloss: Social Business

iTTi launches a new concept in its glossary!

Check it out: Social Business.

iTTi Views - Technology and Governance news commented

New section on iTTi: iTTi Viewpoint. Technology and governance news commented.

See the first post: Indian National Cyber Security Policy.


The utmost objective of a company should be to survive!

Almost 8 out of 10 respondents think so

October's research poll, closed yesterday, shows such a result. Almost 80% of survey participants (actually, 78% of them) chose "to survive" as the primary objective of any company, even above those who prefered "to grow".

Nobody opted for "to make profit". 

November's poll regarding Directors' accountability on the governance of Information Technology has just been released. Check it out and vote!

iTTi Gloss: enjoy our new glossary of terms and join the discussion

Join the discussion and provide your own definitions

Check out iTTi Gloss, our new glossary of terms related to our concerned primary areas of interest, such as Corporate Governance, the Use of IT, Corporate Governance of IT, IT Accountability, IT-enabled Investments, Management Recipes, Professional Development, the Evolving CIO, IT Consequences, Cyber-strategy, the Digitized War, Innovation in Real Life, Digitized Commerce, Digitized Money, the Digitized Town, the Digitized Vehicle, etc.

Taste our first concept: Corporate Governance of IT.


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